Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm not real sure how exactly this works...or who will even read this, but I though I would try it! Blogging seems to be the new "in" thing, so why should I leave myself behind the times?!

I guess I can start with a short snyopsis of my life:

I'm Mel. I've been married for 2 months to a great guy, Travis. We have a dog, Harley, who is possible the most neurotic dog one will ever meet, but she loves me and is my little princess. We live in Bloomington, IL and we both work full-time jobs. Travis owns his own small construction company: Pilchard Construction. He does remodeling, flooring and trim work...and he's VERY talented, but I may be biased! I work at an engineering firm here in town.

We built a house just over 2 years ago, and its perfect. We are getting settled back into "regular" life after all the comotion of the wedding. Our ceremony was in Las Vegas and the reception was the next weekend here in town. It was a lot of planning and running around, but it was 100% worth it! I loved every second of it! We then honeymooned in Maui, Hawaii for 10 days. Those were the most wonderful days of my life. To have the time to spend with Travis and really just relax and enjoy each other's was truely a blessing. We got to see all sorts of sights and words simply cannot explain what an awesome time we had.

Now that the honeymoon is over...we're just an old married couple! But every day has been a learning experience, as have the past 6 years together. I find that I love him more and more as each day passes...even though there are times life is not perfect in general... I feel that my life is perfect because he's in it. Ok...enough gushing =)

So, that's about it. I love to scrapbook, and I'm going on a weekend retreat this weekend with 3 (Steph, Celia & Andi) friends. It will be lots of fun and hopefully VERY productive. I need to work on my wedding album...hopefully it turns out just as perfectly as the wedding did! Travis told me a few years ago that i needed to find a hobby...I'm not sure he thought I would get this into the hobby i found though! I now have an entire bedroom in our basement taken over with all of my stuff. I go on weekend retreats 2-3 times a year and I don't even want to think about how much money i've spent on all my supplies! I am really passionate about having my memories preserved correctly and explained through my point of view. I hope some day my children and grandchildren can appreciate that!

ok, enough for now. i'll be back later. I'm going to attempt to write at least once a week. maybe it'll be theraputic...?

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