Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things on Thursday

Wow, it's been way too long since I've posted! Unfortunately, shortly after my last post, we got some really sucky family (bad) news so I wasn't very motivated to do much, let alone blog :/ Sorry to all (err...both?) of my loyal fans! ;)

but here we go again, I'm going to try to start blogging a little here and there - but will definitely try to keep up with my Things on Thursday posts.

1. I know a lot of people say this, but I have some of THE BEST friends in the world!! Even the ones I don't see or talk to very often have really proven how amazing they are over the past few months (not that I needed proof of their amazingness ;))

2. Anthony has started talking so much more lately! Its exciting, but a little scary at times too...this mama needs to watch what she's saying now!

3. I've been experimenting with some snack and breakfast food for Anthony and the other kids. This week I made pumpkin pancakes and biscuits. All I did was add pumpkin to the easy! I'm thinking I'm going to try using applesauce next time. I'd also like to try a veggie biscuit of sorts...I'll let you know how they turn out.

4. I've had a very dry mouth lately...I'm not sure what's up with it...?

5. I'm going to my very first Illinois football game this Saturday. I'm not sure if I'm excited, but I'll make the best of it...I'm pretty sure Travis is going to be tired of me saying "what just happened?" and wait another 4 years before inviting me to another game! ;)

I hope this post finds you happy and healthy!!!

live, laugh and love -often!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things on Thursday

Wow! I can't believe its Thursday again already. I guess the last week has gone pretty fast :)

1. I'm going to get a pedicure with my brother-in-law's girlfriend tonight...I'm trying to decide on what color I want and I'm afraid there are just too many options! Maybe do each toe a different color?? hehe. just kidding

2. Our county (McLean) fair started in town yesterday! I can't wait to take Anthony to it on Saturday with my Brother and his wife!

3. I'm not a big fan of winter/cold weather, but I'm not going to lie - Im pretty tired of the heat. Plus, I'm really looking forward to the holidays this year. Especially since they start with my 30th birthday party and Anthony's 2nd birthday party!

4. does anyone else watch Love in The Wild? I can't believe what a jerk Ben has been!! I'm SO glad he's gone after last night!

5. I go back and forth on watching Days of Our Lives....but right now I'm pretty hooked; it appears that theres a new DiMera/Brady war brewing. LOL, i really do have a soft spot for bad tv, don't I? ;)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things on Thursday

1. Anthony completed his Summer of Reading program last week! Now I just need to return the log to the library and get his prizes. I am so excited that my little man loves books as much as he does!!

2. I often think about going through all the toys in the toy box and switching some of them out with ones that are packed away....but the, like today, Anthony pulls out a toy he hasn't played with in forever and plays with it all morning! I'm glad I didn't pack it away ;)

3. it amazes me the lack of customer service there is in this country these days. Travis had a horrible experience with a fence company over the past 2 weeks. They FINALLY got things straightened out yesterday and he'll have his fence parts in the morning tomorrow. luckily, there is another company that he can use instead for the future!

4. I'm pretty excited that my daycare will be full for the school year!!

5. I've been caught up on laundry for about 2 weeks. Jus thought I'd pat myself on the back a little ;)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Things on Thursday

err...things on Friday :/

yep I'm a little behind this week!

1. We're going thru quite the heat wave this past week! Phew...its difficult to stay cool when it feels like 115 degrees out!!!!! Luckily we've been able to either stay inside or head to the pool to help with the cooling off :)

2. Pictures are one of my favorite things...which is why i have em ALL over our house :). It warms my heart to look at all the happy memories we have built as a family.

3. I'm working on some sewing projects lately, I'm not sure why I STILL can't sew in a straight line, lol. I'm practicing on some simple burp rags for a friend :).

4. I'm falling SO far behind on uploading and organizing my pictures...maybe that should be #1 on my to-do list this weekend...

5. I know this sounds really cheesy, but I constantly realize how blessed I am for the life I have! I couldn't possibly imagine spending my time with better friends or family!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Sponge Balls

I've seen these little things all over the Blogosphere this summer so I finally decided to try my own version.

I originally used O-Cel0 sponges from Walmart, and dental floss to keep them together, but I think the sponges were too absorbant {or the kiddos were too hard on them :/}

So, next I went to Dollar Tree and got the cheapest, yet most colorful, sponges I could find.
I also decided to try using zip ties to keep them together.

The stacked sponges are the cheapo ones. I cut them in half to make "strips" of sponge like the O-Celo ones also in the picture.

Here is a shot of my little man helping:

He LOVES playing with these in the pool and in his water table.

I snipped off the tail of the zip-tie and Voila!

The sponge balls rest in the outdoor basket that sits in my kitchen!! Its the easiest way I've found to have everything we need to swim in the backyard on hand at all times!

We take these to the public pool too and everyone loves them!

Live, Laugh & Love

Until Next Time...


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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things on Thursday...

1. Anthony is finally old enough to have a small pillow in his bed, so he got two of the throw pillows that my MIL made out of his bumper pad when he was tiny... I was so excited to see his little head resting on one when I checked on him during naptime!

2. I've been sewing some this week...and I'm actually getting better at sewing straight lines. LOL, I know, I know, that's *kinda* important :)

3. We had Grady's for dinner tonight... YUM!

4. I have started watching Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition and I am hooked! Check it out...its pretty amazing!

5. I think I might have convinced Travis to take me away for a weekend once he's done with the major job he's working on for the next few weeks...yipee!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mini Backyard Transformation

I have had this idea brewing for a while now...

We have a little Water & Sand table for Anthony - and its a HUGE hit with all the kids. Unfortunately, it just wasn't really working on the deck. Plus, we hadn't put any sand in it yet, and I was foreseeing LOTS of sweeping the deck off...and that just wasn't going to cut it!

Here is my little man playing with the table while I was mentally preparing myself to undertake the transformation...

So, I decided that {regardless of how sweltering hot it was outside} I was going to use the area we had previously used to house some hideous bushes {that the hubby pulled out earlier in the day} to now house a little play area for the kids - that would include the play table!

Here is out {almost} before (I forgot, as usual, to take a picture of the awful bushes...)

My mom brought me a Lemon tree from Houston when she came to visit earlier this year...and its almost surviving my lack of gardening skills. I've also labeled a few other things in the area. Let's just ignore the 2 extra propane tanks and old mop... ; )

Here is a "during" picture.

So, here's the end result. Some of the Day Lillies look pretty pathetic, but that's just because they were just moved. I'm SO thrilled with the results!

I wanted to make it so the kids wouldn't be stomping thru the mud every time they played in the water, so I used these play mats that I bought last summer at Sam's Club. I just trimmed the outside along the brick edging, so they fit perfectly. Behind the play mats/Water & Sand table Travis seperated a couple of my Day Lillies from one of the other sides of the deck so I could fill in some of the empty space. I also bought the most beautiful {and low-maintenance} flowering plant at the Farmer's Market yesterday. And you can see at the bottom left corner of the 2nd Lemon Tree! The plan is to buy a big pot at Walmart and plant the tree in it so during the winter we can bring it inside.

I really hope the kiddos enjoy the new play area as much as I do!

Live, Laugh & Love
Until next time...


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