Friday, July 22, 2011

Things on Thursday

err...things on Friday :/

yep I'm a little behind this week!

1. We're going thru quite the heat wave this past week! Phew...its difficult to stay cool when it feels like 115 degrees out!!!!! Luckily we've been able to either stay inside or head to the pool to help with the cooling off :)

2. Pictures are one of my favorite things...which is why i have em ALL over our house :). It warms my heart to look at all the happy memories we have built as a family.

3. I'm working on some sewing projects lately, I'm not sure why I STILL can't sew in a straight line, lol. I'm practicing on some simple burp rags for a friend :).

4. I'm falling SO far behind on uploading and organizing my pictures...maybe that should be #1 on my to-do list this weekend...

5. I know this sounds really cheesy, but I constantly realize how blessed I am for the life I have! I couldn't possibly imagine spending my time with better friends or family!

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Delightful Order said...

Hey there. Thanks for your recent comment on my time saving tips for school mornings post, to answer your question, the meat and cheese sandwiches don't get soggy, if you put the condiments in the middle. I have been making these with no condiments at all for my husband and he LOVES them. Didn't know if you knew that you are a no reply commenter, which makes it hard to email you back. Let me know if you didnt know this and if you want to know how to change that.