Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things on Thursday

1. Anthony completed his Summer of Reading program last week! Now I just need to return the log to the library and get his prizes. I am so excited that my little man loves books as much as he does!!

2. I often think about going through all the toys in the toy box and switching some of them out with ones that are packed away....but the, like today, Anthony pulls out a toy he hasn't played with in forever and plays with it all morning! I'm glad I didn't pack it away ;)

3. it amazes me the lack of customer service there is in this country these days. Travis had a horrible experience with a fence company over the past 2 weeks. They FINALLY got things straightened out yesterday and he'll have his fence parts in the morning tomorrow. luckily, there is another company that he can use instead for the future!

4. I'm pretty excited that my daycare will be full for the school year!!

5. I've been caught up on laundry for about 2 weeks. Jus thought I'd pat myself on the back a little ;)

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