Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Sponge Balls

I've seen these little things all over the Blogosphere this summer so I finally decided to try my own version.

I originally used O-Cel0 sponges from Walmart, and dental floss to keep them together, but I think the sponges were too absorbant {or the kiddos were too hard on them :/}

So, next I went to Dollar Tree and got the cheapest, yet most colorful, sponges I could find.
I also decided to try using zip ties to keep them together.

The stacked sponges are the cheapo ones. I cut them in half to make "strips" of sponge like the O-Celo ones also in the picture.

Here is a shot of my little man helping:

He LOVES playing with these in the pool and in his water table.

I snipped off the tail of the zip-tie and Voila!

The sponge balls rest in the outdoor basket that sits in my kitchen!! Its the easiest way I've found to have everything we need to swim in the backyard on hand at all times!

We take these to the public pool too and everyone loves them!

Live, Laugh & Love

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