Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mini Backyard Transformation

I have had this idea brewing for a while now...

We have a little Water & Sand table for Anthony - and its a HUGE hit with all the kids. Unfortunately, it just wasn't really working on the deck. Plus, we hadn't put any sand in it yet, and I was foreseeing LOTS of sweeping the deck off...and that just wasn't going to cut it!

Here is my little man playing with the table while I was mentally preparing myself to undertake the transformation...

So, I decided that {regardless of how sweltering hot it was outside} I was going to use the area we had previously used to house some hideous bushes {that the hubby pulled out earlier in the day} to now house a little play area for the kids - that would include the play table!

Here is out {almost} before (I forgot, as usual, to take a picture of the awful bushes...)

My mom brought me a Lemon tree from Houston when she came to visit earlier this year...and its almost surviving my lack of gardening skills. I've also labeled a few other things in the area. Let's just ignore the 2 extra propane tanks and old mop... ; )

Here is a "during" picture.

So, here's the end result. Some of the Day Lillies look pretty pathetic, but that's just because they were just moved. I'm SO thrilled with the results!

I wanted to make it so the kids wouldn't be stomping thru the mud every time they played in the water, so I used these play mats that I bought last summer at Sam's Club. I just trimmed the outside along the brick edging, so they fit perfectly. Behind the play mats/Water & Sand table Travis seperated a couple of my Day Lillies from one of the other sides of the deck so I could fill in some of the empty space. I also bought the most beautiful {and low-maintenance} flowering plant at the Farmer's Market yesterday. And you can see at the bottom left corner of the 2nd picture...my Lemon Tree! The plan is to buy a big pot at Walmart and plant the tree in it so during the winter we can bring it inside.

I really hope the kiddos enjoy the new play area as much as I do!

Live, Laugh & Love
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Anonymous said...

Nice! You took a lemon (tree) and made lemonade! ;) --Aunt Mary

Suzanne said...

Fantastic use of space that may otherwise have sat idle.