Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things on Thursday...

1. I've spent the past couple of evenings working on sorting out Anthony's outgrown clothes. What an undertaking! I'm still not completely done, but I have made some serious headway. I'll be doing a whole post on my process, with pictures and all ;)

2. I am officially addicted to reading blogs! I follow mostly ones about household/life organization, crafty/DIY type things and money saving/couponing. Reading about others that like to organize and seeing their ideas and projects has definitely motivated me to get this house under control!

A few of my favs:

IHeart Organizing

3. I bought some Yankee Candle potpourri last night at Bed Bath &'s Pineapple Cilantro flavor, and it's amazing! its the best smelling potpourri I've found yet! And to top if off... I got to use TWO coupons ($10 off purchase of $30 and 20% off one item) SCORE!!

4. As I said in #1, I've been organizing Anthony's outgrown clothes and I am officially in love with Space Bags !! They are great for storing a lot of things in a small space!

5. I finally got some pictures of Anthony's bedroom completely put together and clean! I figured I'd better take a picture or two since it was actually CLEAN!

Well, that's about it for this week. I know this post is a day late, but if it counts for anything, I started it yesterday but wanted to add pictures so had to wait until tonight when I could get to the desktop downstairs. :)

Live, Laugh and Love...until next time!

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