Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things on Thursday- 5/26/11

I'm Baaaack!

Finally after a few weeks of complete chaos around my house, I am back in order and I plan to start blogging a lot more. *I know, I know* I say that ALL the time, but this time I mean it! :)

So, my 5 Things on Thursday...

1. How cute is my little man?! He climbed into his rocking chair this morning and I gave him his blankie, his monkey and a book and he sat there, reading for a while...ofcorse I also had to turn the radio on so he could hear his tunes!

2. In the beginning of the year I joined a Flickr group and I've really been enjoying it! Even though, at times, I slack a bit (we are supposed to have our pictures posted by Sunday night, and some of mine may, or may not have been posted on Monday...oops!), I am really learning some new techniques, and I love it. Here's my most recent submission:

3. I am really looking forward to seeing Hangover 2 this weekend! I bust up laughing at just the commercials!

4. Last night was definitely one of the scariest storms I've ever been in. Anthony, Travis and I spent about 1/2 an hour in the laundry room, in our basement, under the stairs! I cant help but feel for the poor people in Joplin, and all over the midwest that have been struck by tornadoes over the past week! I was scared, and there was barely any damage reported in our area!

5. And last, but not least, word to the wise: never take your eyes off your child...especially when he can climb up to your computer desk and find a permanent marker:

I hope you all are safe, warm and dry!

Until Next time...

Live, Love and Laugh!

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