Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things on Thursday...

Where did the last week go?! I would've sworn I posted since last week...hmmmm....

1. For whatever reason, I gave into my craving for Rice Crispy Treats earlier this week and made a batch...these things WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!!!

No Worries! I ate that last one right after I snapped this shot,
I didn't want it tormenting me all day! ; )

2. I have the best hubby in the world! He stained our deck over the past week or so and it looks ah-maz-ing! I'll be doing an entire post on just the deck...just to make him feel extra special :)

3. Our cousin Stacy is coming down from St. Charles this weekend to take Anthony's 18 month pictures and I CAN'T WAIT!! She does such amazing work and its great to see my baby thru someone else's eyes that means so much to us! xoxo

4. Anthony and I ran a few errands this morning, one of which was stopping by my in-laws' house to pick up their garage sale merchandise - and I totally hit the jackpot! My MIL gave me flowers AND potting soil to fill up the planter by our front door!! Gotta love a MIL with a green thumb and extra plants!

5. Yep, you read it above... its GARAGE SALE time! I'm not quite sure what I've gotten myself into this year. I don't have a lot of stuff to sell, but there are 10 other houses in our neighborhood having sales, so I figured 'why not?!' - except that its supposed to rain tomorrow and has been unbearably hot all week...eeek!

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