Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things on Thursday

1. Since I'm officially addicted to reading crafty blogs, I figure, why not enter all the contests to win free stuff?! Here's the latest contest I entered - Its a Cake Pop Maker Giveaway at

I REALLY hope I win! Head to the site and check it out!

2. I love this project I did with the {older} kiddos yesterday!

3. We have had a crazy week so far...One of my besties had her healthy baby girl {Abby Jean} on Monday. My brother also headed up to Mayo Clinic on Monday to try to figure out some health issues. Both Travis and I have been working extra every day. Anthony has been fighting something off, so Monday night he had a fever and hasn't quite been himself. Oh well...we all have weeks like this I suppose ;)

4. I've been saving up my swag buck points to try and get my first gift card so I can buy this cookbook!

5. I went to Joann Fabrics last night to get fabric and a seat cushion to attempt to make this - we'll see how it turns out ;)

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