Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things on Thursday

1. I LOVE summer! The kids and I have been to the pool 3 mornings this week, and plans to go tomorrow too!

2. I cannot wait for this weekend! Sunday will be a BBQ with great friends, Monday will be fun with family!

3. Has anyone gotten a manicure with the new shellac nail polish?? I think I'm going to try it out...I've got a friend that tried it and her french mani lasted WEEKS!

4. I love being caught up on laundry. I was thinking this morning that there should be some sort of co-op for laundry... you know? some people don't mind sorting, some don't mind washing/switching/drying, others don't mind folding and then there's the crazy people that don't mind putting away. Well, if you only had to do the part that you don't mind, it would be no big deal! haha...if only.... ;)

5. I watched that new show "Love In The Wild" last night, and while I kept telling myself throughout the entire episode that I just needed to turn it off...I couldn't stop watching. And, of corse, now I'm addicted. Because I really NEED another reality dating show to watch ;)

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